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Panoweaver 6.00 Beta is released!

Panoweaver 6.00 Beta boasts great many new features such as stitching multiple rows of images, stitching cylindrical panorama, automatically recognizing lens type and full support to normal lens.

Beta version DOWNLOAD

Main Features of Panoweaver 6.00 Professional for Windows Beta

  • Recognize the lens type automatically
  • Support normal lens and wide angle lens
  • Support creation of cylindrical panorama
  • Support CPU with dual core
  • 64-bit operating system is supported
  • Gray and Blur are added to Streaming Loading settings for flash
  • Support customization of the Loading Window for flash
  • The stitching effect of PWBlend is greatly improved

Known bugs

  • Crash may happen when importing more than 30 source images
  • Crash may happen when publishing big size image (such as spherical 10000*5000) or the published panorama cannot be displayed normally
  • OpenGL 1.2 or later version is required for preview, but abnormal preview happens individually
  • Fisheye image leaps to center when zooming it to a view bigger than working area, dragging to the image edge, and then adjusting the Fisheye Image Enclosing
  • Errors exist when automatically finding matching points in Matching Points Edit window
  • *.tga and 16bit *.tif formats are not supported for imported source image and exported panoramic image
  • RAW file can not be converted to 16bit
  • Preview may be abnormal after setting the viewer parameters
  • Obvious seam exists for 2 circle fisheye stitching
  • Black area exists in the panoramic image stitched with normal image
  • Mouse works only when dragging scrollbar but not available when clicking on Scroll area under Matching Points Edit Window
  • Quicktime 7.3 or later version is required to generate mov file
  • Long time is needed to save panoramic image in PSD format
  • Slow publishing speed for Quicktime VR
  • Raynox lens is not well supported


Main testing points

  • Test auto-stitching of various types that are supported by Panoweaver, including normal images, especially multiple rows of images
  • Test stitching results for spherical, cubic panorama and especially cylindrical panorama.
  • Test stitching by inserting matching points manually
  • Stitch camera RAW
  • UI function, whether it is user-friendly


Please post any bugs, comments to Easypano Help Desk. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!