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Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 4.00 is updated.

In the latest builder of Tourweaver 4.00, the following problem is fixed:

Builder version 4.00.090911

[-] Under Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) system, virtual tour components don't show up.

If you have installed Tourweaver 4.00.090710 version, simply dowload the following virtual tour player and replace the one in your installation directory "..\Easypano\Tourweaver 4.00 Professional(or Standard) Edition\resource\twviewer.swf"

Download virtual tour player for Tourweaver 4.00 Professional Edition.
Download virtual tour player for Tourweaver 4.00 Standard Edition.

For existing virtual tours published with Tourweaver 4.00 registered versions(Professional and Standard edition), there is no need to publish them with Tourweaver again. Just find virtual tour player file - twviewer.swf in each tour folder, and replace it with the above corresponding player.

To download the whole installer for version 4.00.090911, please click the following link:

Download the latest builder of Tourweaver 4.00

If you have any questions or suggestions for Tourweaver, please contact us at Help Hesk.