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Virtual tour software Tourweaver 5.00 Beta is released!

Based on Tourweaver 4.00, version 5.00 offers stunning new features include the following:

  • Publish your virtual tour to not only Flash format, but also standalone *.exe format!
  • Add Flash (*.swf) and Video (*.flv) to your virtual tour skin, or popup window;
  • Use Flash (*.swf) and image as the popup hint for Hotspot, Radar, and Button.
  • Display all the virtual tour components under full screen mode.


Now you can create professional virtual tours with:

  • Panoramas, still photos;
  • Maps/Floorplans, hotspot and radars;
  • Popup windows
  • Flash, video, images, text, thumbnails;
  • Other components with various actions.
  • And virtual tours can be in

  • Html format which is based on Flash player
  • Video format (Pro only)
  • Standalone *.EXE format (Pro only).

  • If you have any question about the software, please contact