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Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 5.00 is officially released!

Tourweaver 5.00 has the following new features:

  • Publish your virtual tour to not only Flash format, but also standalone *.exe format!
  • Add Flash (*.swf) and Video (*.flv) to your virtual tour skin, or popup window;
  • Use Flash (*.swf) and image as the popup hint for Hotspot, Radar, and Button.
  • Display all the virtual tour components under full screen mode.

Virtual tour software demo tour

Now you can create professional virtual tours with:

  • Panoramas, still photos;
  • Maps/Floorplans, hotspot and radars;
  • Popup windows
  • Flash, video, images, text, thumbnails;
  • Other components with various actions.
  • And virtual tours can be in

  • Html format which is based on Flash player
  • Video format (Pro only)
  • Standalone *.EXE format (Pro only).
  • Editions and Availability

    Tourweaver 5.00 has two editions: Professional and Standard. Only Windows version is available.

    Tourweaver 5.00 Price

    Professional Edition: $799.95/€699.95
    Standard Edition: $199.95/€199.95

    Upgrading Policy

    You can upgrade your previous versions of Tourweaver to 5.00 version. Login User Panel with your order account and Upgrade!

    If you have any question about the software, please contact