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Panowalker 2.0 beta is released!

Panowalker 2.00 has added the following new features:

[+]Support multiple paths.
[+]Support adding hotspot (Link to Panorama, Popup Image, URL)
[+]Support hotspot properties settings
[+]Publish to the local, full screen of player is supported
[+]Support the transition effect Everyscape when scenes switch
[+]Support the background music as .mp3

Click following to see a virtual tour sample created with Panowalker 2.00.

Click to walk through the virtual tour place

View More Samples

Hardware requirement:

  • Processor: PIII800MHz or higher; AMD 2800+ or higher
  • RAM: 1G
  • Network card
  • OS: 32bit Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista/Windows 7
  • Explorer: IE6.0 and higher versions; Netscape Navigator (7.0 and later versions for Windows OS or 5.0 and later versions for Mac.

Main Testing Points:

  • Adding and deleting paths;
  • Saving project and opening existing project;
  • Adding action to hotspots, especially "link to pano" action;
  • Publishing virtual tours;
  • Playing of virtual tour results, switching between paths and clicking hotspots.

Known bugs:

  • Program exits under some special circumstances;
  • If Tilt Min/Max value in Walkthrough Direction Settings is not -90~90, the scene viewer in Intitial settings and Link to Pano settings only displays one part of the related scene.
  • Hotspot location is not correct
  • Select one scene from the scene list, sometimes its property panel doesn't show up.
  • Select a whole path, you may need to click twice on a scene in the Path panel in order to set a point in the path;
  • In Path editing panel, if using keyboard to move between selected points, anchoring property of corresponding points in the path list does not renew.
  • When viewing a published virtual tour, click a hotspot to switch to a panorama in another path, the tilt restrictions (for example, restrict the tilt value to -70 and 70) on the scenes in the destination path no longer works.