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Html 5 format panorama output will be supported in next update of Panoweaver 7!

By middle of December, 2010, next update for Panoweaver will be available. The most expected feature of publishing panoramas to Html 5 format will be supported in this Panoweaver 7.20 version.

All existing customers of Panoweaver 7 will enjoy this update for free.  Besides Html 5 support, Panoweaver 7.2 will also improve greatly in the following features:

  • HDR panorama stitching. You can get HDR panorama with much higher quality.
  • RAW files stitching. This features is also improved significantly.

Learn more about current features of Panoweaver 7.

Please contact our support team if you have any question about this update. Thanks for your support to Easypano products!