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City8 Mobile Mapping System shows on SIGGRAPH

City8 Mobile Mapping System Going SIGGRAPH

City8 will be presenting its new generation of Mobile Mapping System (MMS) and demonstrating its ease of use and high accuracy of 360 degree image capturing and surveying at SIGGRAPH in Seoul, Korea, next week.

New Process of Mapping Records

City8 now is using two patent software:
City8 image control software is a very important part of operating the system on the way.
City8 image process software is a proprietary producer of applications to conveniently output images from the records. More details

More Applications From City8 MMS

City8 Mobile Mapping Solution bring you omni-directional information via its geo- based 360° panoramic images. It is widely used in the field of local search, navigation, urban & industry planning, homeland security, Boundary Mapping, roadway management, city street view mapping, etc.

New Abilities of Mobile Mapping System

  • Higher Accuracy of Mapping, Capturing, Surveying
  • Higher resolution: up to 10000*5000,50million pixels
  • High level of system integration, only need one people to operate the system. More Details


    Contact detail:

    Exhibition Address: COEX World Trade Center Samseong-dong, Seoul 135-731, Korea

    Booth Number: E 28