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Share your life with Panoramas, “PanoEasy” Now is available on App Store and android market.

  PanoEasy Make Pano Easier

PanoEasy is a new and 360°way to share your life through photos..

Use PanoEasy to share “panoramas” on your favorite bolg, Twitter, Facebook, or flicker. Quick and Simple Sharing! Link your Twitter, Facebook, flicker… Account to easily share panoramas with your friends and followers

Add Location to your panorama - PanoEasy lets you add locations on every panorama. Have a greater look at this new world by panorama from PanoEasy.


Main Features:

  • Post as many panorama as you want, for free
  • 2 choice of uploading panorama, taking from album or internet.
  • Find and follow friends who are using the app
  • The world first panoramic community
  • Share your life by panoramas.

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