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Official Tourweaver 7 Professional is released and get $200 off discount for Tourweaver 6.5 Pro !

Finally, Official Tourweaver 7 Professional is released and get $200 off  for Tourweaver 6.5 Pro!

We'd like to thank for all our friends and beta testers for their hard work in testing Tourweaver 7, helpful feedbacks, constructive suggestions and all long time support!

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What's new in Builder:7.00.111213 ? Download

Added features :
[+]Support adding Online video (Youtube).

[+]Support adding Polygon Hotspot on Google Maps.

[+]Support Adobe Flash Player 11 play engine and improve playing quality.

[+]Standalone SWF tour supports Adobe Flash Player 11.

Improved/Changed features:

[*] More Flash Thumbnail samples are added.
[*] Switch between "Scale to Browser Window " and "Specified Size" after building a new project.

[*] Provide sample tips when build a new project.
[*] Optimized the "Slice Display" function to adapt to Adobe Flash Player 11.

Added/improveed features for HTML5 Tour :

[*] Support adding Text.

[*] Support Still Image type scene.

[*] Support adding Image.

[*] Support adding TextArea.

[*] Support adding separated common Map and GoogleMaps.

[*] Support "Specified Size" and "Scale to Browser Window "

[*] Support Anchoring function for all components.

[*] Support Anchoring function for PopupWindow.

Bug fixed:
[-]Program crashed when click "Cancel" during previewing or publishing the tour.

[-]1:6 cubic image type is not available for the Scene.

[-] file is too large caused by Flash Thumbnail in Flash tour.

[-]Flash tour does not work when named the scene as 1.

[-]Program crashed when added Movie Controller component.

[-]Previewing is invalid when added Movie Controller component.

[-]Scale to the Browser Window Google Maps is not correct.

[-]Giga piexls Panorama slice display problem.

[-]Can not change Google Maps Viewer size after switch from "Scale to Browser Window" to "Specified Size".

[-]Publishing progress bar rollback problem.

Thank you very much all Easypano friends!