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Important update notice about tour display issue with latest Chrome 21.0.1180.83

Both Panoweaver 8 and Tourweaer 6.5/7 have been updated, resolving the tour displaying issue with the latest Chrome 21.0.1180.83.

It's strongly recommended that all the users update the program. You can download the new installers and replace the existing ones on your computers:

Please be aware that all the installers of Tourweaver and Panoweaver listed on Easypano Download Center are the latest ones updated today.

For previous published tours, it is unnecessary to republish all the projects. Please replace the players in published files saved locally or uploaded onto server.

The directories of files above are: right click icon of Tourweaver → open file location→resource folder→TWViewer.swf (the player).

The player file “TWViewer.swf” can also be found in published folder. Please replace it with the one in installer. Then the published tours can be viewed in Chrome.

By the way, it is unnecessary to copy and paste all the players into your published files, please select what you need according to the note on the pictures.

If you have any doubt about the issue, please feel free to send mail to