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View 360 degree virtual tour on tablets and smart phones(Android4.0/iOS)

Many users of Easypano have consulted when Android will be supported. In fact, we also noticed that it is a trend to view virtual tour on Android based devices. At present, it can be realized in full version of Tourweaver7.5, a professional virtual tour software.

With this virtual tour software, more and more features are supported in HTML5 virtual tour. The details will be listed below:

Virtual tour can be viewed on Android based devices.
HTML5 virtual tour published by Tourweaver7.5 can be viewed on tablets and smart phones with Android system. However, the edition of Android must be 4.0 or above.

HTML5 virtual tour can be viewed offline on iPad/iPhone and webApp of virtual tour can be created.
When the HTML5 virtual tour, published with Tourweaver7.5, is viewed on iPad or iPhone online, it can be viewed offline because of the cache. The virtual tour can be viewed offline as long as the suggestive words appear. Besides, you can also view saved virtual tour on iOS devices with webApp. After viewing the virtual tour online, you can simply create a webApp by selecting “Add to Home Screen” in safari. Thus, a webApp icon would be added on your iPad/iPhone home screen. You can view your virtual tour offline by clicking the icon.

Firefox is supported when viewing HTML5 virtual tour.
Firefox can be used to view HTML5 virtual tour published by this virtual tour software. At present, safari, chrome and firefox are all supported to view HTML5 virtual tour. Please have a test right now.

IE10 is supported to view HTML5 virtual tour on PC and Surface.
When viewing HTML5 virtual tour on PC or Surface, the tablet of Microsoft, you can use IE10 as the browser.

Download the free trial of Tourweaver7.5 to experience features above right now.