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Redeem Points for Free Virtual Reality Software - New facelift of EP-SKY

Get free virtual reality software with bonus credits

EP-SKY, a virtual reality platform released by Easypano, is revised to serve Easypano users and virtual tour hobbyists. Registers can download practical and delicate hotspot, button, flash thumbnail, etc, shared by Easypano and other users. To add your credits, which is needed when downloading components from EP-SKY, you can upload your own virtual tour resources or comment on others’ work. Besides, credits can also be used to exchange Easypano products.
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Credits Exchange

  • Initial Credit: 50 credits will be available for every registered member.
  • Comment
    1 Credits: 1 credit will be gained after commenting on others’ work.
  • Upload
    5 Credits: Upload Button, Thumbnail, Hotspot, and Progress Bar.
    10 Credits: Upload Tourweaver Skin and Panoramic Image.
    15 Credits: Upload Virtual tour.
  • Download
    Credits will be deducted from your account as per the credits customized by uploader, ranging from 1 to 10.

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