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Tourweaver 7.80 Beta 2 Released! Thanks for Your Testings and Feedbacks!

Dear Easypano users,

Easypano Virtual tour software -Tourweaver 7.80 beta 2  for windows updated today, thanks for your testing and feedback, we fixed several bugs listed as below:

[-] Fix the crash bug in previewing tour on some computers with Windows 8.10 system
[-] Address the problem of hotspot deviation on still image in HTML5 tour
[-] Solve the problem of radar deviation of Map in best fit mode 
[-] Fix the error of saving cell settings after selecting "partial view" type

Users who ever encountered above problems are suggested to update your Tourweaver to this latest version, the builder No. is 7.80.140416 .


Your test and feedback would be highly apprecialted. If you have any doubt about the issue, please feel free to send mail to

Easypano Marketing Team