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EP-SKY is initially a free platform provided by Easypano hosting and sharing panoramas and virtual tours.
After years, the platform has drawn much attention of panorama makers. In order to better serve EP-SKY users, Easypano would like to make friends with more panorama photographers and help to build individual photographer page to display their works to the world. Grab the chance and creat right now.

Name: Bobby Boe

Company: Bobby Boe Foto-Media-Design
Professional panorama-photographer living in Munich/Germany. Bobby is not only specialized in producing panoramic images for hotels and clinical business such as hospital, but he is also a Google Trusted Photographer working for Google Maps Business View.

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Name: Craig James

Company: Craig James Photography

As a commercial photographer based in North Canton, Ohio USA, Craig James has over 40 years of experience in shooting product, manufacturing, architecture and public relations. Starting to shoot VR panoramas in 2009, Craig James is also very good at panorama shooting.

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