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Get 3D Modelweaver for free or 20% discount for upgrade?

Get Modelweaver free or 20% discount for upgrade? 

Easypano Launches Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day Event


Message ONE

When did you take a photo with your parents last time? Till Fathers' Day, take a family panorama and uploade to EP-Sky then share onto Easypano Facebook group, you will get a Modelweaver for free.


How to get the Modelweaver?
1. Take a family panorama and uploade to EPsky, share onto Easypano Facebook.,
2. Contact us to get the license key.
3. Post a message on Facebook after receiving the license key.


Message TWO
Till Fathers' Day, all Easypano users can have 20% discount if they would like to upgrade their programs to the latest edition. Besides, upgrade from Panoweaver 8.X Professional to Panoweaver 9.0 Beta Professional is free during beta period. Here is the coupon code: parentalday.

About Modelweaver: