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Panoweaver 910 is official released!

Dear Easypano Users,

As a senior panorama service provider, Easypano is considerate of the needs and feelings of everybody. Many of you may encounter the trouble of the tripod on the floor in the panorama. And we settled it.

With Panoweaver 910, you can perfectly remove the tripod and easily create a no-dead-angle panorama.

Detailed process of removing the tripod:

Video tutorial of the process in Panoweaver:

In panorama software Panoweaver 9.10, the function of batching processing is added. The shooting time of the source image is remained in Pano Exif.

We also made efforts in fixing bugs and giving a better expierence to panorama users. Now it's your turn to enjoy the new features and create more professional panormas.

About the detailed update information, you may check: What's new in Panoweaver 9.10
About Panoweaver:
To download Panoweaver 9.10:

Free Update: Please note that user who has already owned Panoweaver 9 license key can free update your program to this latest version.

If you have any doubt about Panoweaver 9, please feel free to send mail to We would be glad to help you!

Best regards
Easypano Marketing Team