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Double shot from Panoweaver and Tourweaver

Dear Easypano Users, 

Both Panoweaver and Tourweaver have achieved great improvements and here we introduce some notable features which will fit your needs. 

Panoweaver 9.10 is officially released for both Mac version and Windows version. So from now on, Mac users are able to enjoy completely the same functions and service from Panoweaver. You have GPU acceleration in stitching process and you can also convert 16 bit image into 8 bit ones through Standardization tool. With optimized HTML 5 player, the panorama visual experience become even smooth and cozy. 

Moreover, in Tourweaver 7.96, German language is supported and the design of Popup Window becomes much more convenient. Images import  is also optimized and the new style skins will surely help you to create admirable virtual tours easily. 


Ok, it's time for you to perfect your studio with the latest Panorama software and virtual tour software now. 

More about Panoweaver:


More about Tourweaver:



Free Update: Please note that user who has already owned Panoweaver 9 or Tourweaver 7 license key can free update your program to the latest version.