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YPR- Adjust Horizontal and Vertical Level of the Panorama

Sometimes a problem will occur after you stitch a panorama, the horizon is curved like this:


This happens if the camera is not leveled well, pointing upwards or downwards when source images are shot. 

Since panorama is a projection of a sphere (the world around the camera) onto a flat surface, tilting some source images results in the curve in final stitched panorama.

The 'YPR' function in Panoweavre 9.2 Beta can straighten the curved panorama. To achieve this:

Step 1. Click button 6.gif to enter YPR Mode, in this mode the panorama is divided into many dragable parts;


Step 2.Use the left mouse button to drag the curved part to make the horizon of the panorama match the horizontal line in the Panoweaver editing window.


Step 3: Click button 6.gif again to save your change.4.jpg

Now the horizon is straightened.

Video Tutorial can be found from 

Note: By far only spherical panorama is supported to edit.