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Easypano Panoweaver 3.0 released.

December 12, 2002: Panorama Technologies Corporation Ltd., the world's leading developer in panorama stitching and virtual tour creating softwares, today announced a latest software application Panoweaver 3.0 to make it easier to create seamless panoramas at low cost.

Developed as a both Windows and Macintosh application for panorama creating, Panoweaver 3.0 ulteriorly performs the client needed features to produce a perfect spherical or cubic panorama image that's ready for viewing with web-based panoramic viewers such as PTViewer, QuickTime VR, Real time VR, VRML. To satisfy the top needs from the poll of the old and potential clients of Panoweaver.

To summarize, Panoweaver 3.0 answers the top needs with a unique solution to satisfy the widest range of uses:
3 fisheye images stitching
The border of the two fisheye images tends to be relatively darker than the center region thus to cause a blue or black seam in stitched panorama. While pano from three fisheye images will not have such a problem since they have more overlapping.
The advantage of 3 fisheye stitching is especially embodied in the images shoot with 180 degree FOV lens such as Sigma AF 8mm, Fisheye-Nikkor 8mm f/2.8. The two lenses are also attached with film camera so that 3 fisheye from these lenses can produce much higher-quality panorama than 2 fisheye.
Auto stitching in higher precision
The stitching quality for auto stitching is greatly improved, which will make it easier for our customers to stitch panoramas.
Manual stitching
Users are able to adjust the center and radius of the fisheye image, and adjust yaw, pitch, roll and FOV for every fisheye images before stitching. This feature will make it possible to have a perfect stitching for our customers.
Spherical Edition and Cubic Edition merged together, and the spherical and cubic panoramic image can be converted to each other easily
This feature will make it possible to erase the tripod totally from the panorama and thus create a totally immersive panorama easily (no tripod, no floor image in panorama).
Loading fisheye images all in one and selecting Kaidan pano head in loading dialog
Loading fisheye images made easier with this feature. It is not ncessary to load the image one by one, and it is not necessary to rotate the fisheye image manually one by one.
No per image fee
There is no per image fee to create panoramas with Panoweaver. You will only be charged on the basis of the number of computers you would like to use Panoweaver. You can make as many panoramas as you want with one license of Panoweaver in a computer.

Panoweaver 3.0 is especially well suited for use with specific hardware and software. Nikon Coolpix serial cameras (4500, 5000, 995, 990, 950, 885, 880) are the recommended digital cameras, Nikkor FC-E8 are the recommended fisheye lenses, and Kaidan QuickPan CS II from are the recommended panoramic tripods. As 3 fisheye image stitching feature is available, Sigma 8mm fisheye lens, 8mm Nikkor f2.8 fisheye lens and SLR cameras may be used to create panoramas with much higher resolution and quality. To link panoramas to create virtual tours, use your own style viewer, PTViewer Scripter is recommended. For more information about Panoweaver, please visit

The language in Panoweaver 3.0 will be in English when releasing. While for the convenience of non-English speaking users, German, Spanish, Italian, French versions will be ready in several weeks.

Below are some of the comments on Panoweaver 3.0 from beta testers:

Gary Davenport, I'm excited about your new software! At first glance, we have found a lot of improvement in the automatic stitching for two images... this is really important and critical to our work... good job. Also, the interface is vastly improved... including the auto-rotate feature for Kaidan. Please pass on to the team what a wonderful job you guys have done in putting together this software. It is a huge improvement over the previous version, and shows that some real thought went into enhancing the user experience while taking innovative steps to save the user time. I think you will be extremely successful with this product! You've really packed the product with some great features;

Rob Maw, I must say the improvements you¹ve made are marked, you must be really pleased with the results. I found the software easy to navigate and think the new layout, once familiar, will prove much quicker to use. The loading of hemispheres is also a lot simpler, with the rotation for Kaidan users built in. I must congratulate your programmers, the software will be a pleasure to work with.”

Trond Aarre, WOW! This is the best stitching software available to date - this software is simply the best. It's 100 times more easy to use than PTGUI and with the same excellent results.;

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