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Easypano - The Virtual Tour Way

Easypano Holdings Inc. is one of the world's leading developers and marketers of virtual tour software. Easypano has penetrated the global marketplace through advanced Internet distribution and strategic partnerships with manufacturers and developers.


Founded in November 2001, in Shanghai, China, Easypano has been developing and marketing virtual tour software and solutions, which enable individuals and companies to produce colorful and attractive VR contents of their own. With our hard work and the perfect cooperation of our resellers and partners all over the world, we have progressed rapidly and become the world's leading provider of virtual tour solutions in less than three years. Till Oct 2013, Easypano has had over 30,000 customers from 180 countries. Its virtual tour solutions have been accepted worldwide and widely used in almost every industry.

We keep developing the most innovative and reliable software for targeted market segments. Easypano develops and markets virtual tour software and solutions that enable individuals and companies to produce VR contents, which are widely used both in business promotion (e.g. hotel, real estate, tourism, company/store virtual tour, cruise ships, cars, etc) and virtual presentation and management area (emergency response, security rehearsal, law enforcement, facilities management, mapping, insurance, government, city tour). We never stop improving and regularly upgrading our software, so that our customers will receive the best service.

Besides, we dedicate ourselves to inspiring individuals and companies to make full use of their creative potential with our inspiring tools, which make their virtual tours come true.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Through the unremitting research and development in virtual reality, visualization and imaging area, Easypano commits itself to providing high-quality products and service for the customers, which enable people to produce, experience and change the VR content much more easily in the PC & internet based virtual world.

Our Mission

First, from 2002 to 2004, Easypano aims to become the world's leading developer/producer of virtual tour software and solutions in the fast growing VR market.

Second, after 2005, to be one of the world's leading providers of virtual reality technology.


Value and Belief

  • Sustainable Development

DEDICATED: we dedicate ourselves to the software and VR market, both at home and abroad. The research and development of the VR software is the core of our work.

STANDARDIZATION: we set a high standard for our work and require all the employees to come up to this standard. With this standard, all the employees will do their best to make Easypano a world class company, and feel proud of being able to provide high standard products and service to customers worldwide.

  • Ever-Innovating

INNOVATION: we have the pride in unremitting pursuit of improvement and innovation, both in tech and service.

SUSTAINABLE: we are seeking for the perfect mechanism to stimulate and encourage the motivity of innovation, so that we can keep improving to fit ourselves for the challenge of market and the demands of customers.

  • Co-prosperity

WIN-WIN: 'one swallow does not make a summer'. Easypano will continue working closely with our customers, partners, investors, as well as our employees, to achieve common success.

ENJOYMENT: enjoy the work, enjoy the achievement, enjoy the development, enjoy the wealth, enjoy the creativity; Enjoy every surprise Easypano brings to you!

The Industry

The momentum of panorama and virtual tour adoption worldwide continues to be strong. Easypano is positioned at the forefront of the fast growing virtual tour industry - as a leading software developer and as a leader in Electronic Sales & Distribution (ESD or direct software sales over the Internet).

Our Products

Easypano provides two kinds of immersive imaging solutions so far - one is virtual tour and the other is object movie. Virtual tour solutions include the most easy-to-use panorama stitching software- Panoweaver, the professional virtual tour software-Tourweaver, the standalone executable virtual tour creating software-Tourweaver, and the simple HTML5 and Flash panorama publishing software- EPublisher. Object movie solution is object movie creating software-Modelweaver. Our virtual tour solutions are the most popular ones among VR community due to their easiness, powerfulness and cost-effectiveness.

Panoweaver: Our Award Winning Flagship Software

Panoweaver is one of the world's most popular panorama creating programs. Its ease-of-use, speed and affordability make Easypano the leading virtual tour solution for real estate agents, panoramic photographers, website designing company, multimedia designers and corporations. Panoweaver is a consistent award winner and has been recognized in prestigious industry and business publications worldwide including product reviews in Panoguid and Macworld. To serve our global customers better, Panoweaver has been localized in many languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and etc..

Tourweaver: The Most Desired Virtual Tour Software

As a new member of Easypano family, Tourweaver has enjoyed much popularity and received high compliment from our customers shortly after its release. It creates a feature rich virtual tour with multimedia presentation and provides a perfect solution for virtual tour business, website and multimedia design.

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