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Virtual tour features are different in Flash virtual tour and HTML5 virtual tour. With the chart below, you can have a clear knowledge of what is supported in virtual tour software.
Function comparison chart between Flash virtual tour and HTML5 virtual tour
Icons in Tourweaver Features Flash Html5
JpegXR image:Downsize scene while remain its quality and improve loading speed of online virtual tour. 1
Fly-out Media:Show details of media files. 1
Hotspot perspective effect:Prevent hotspot floating above scene and close to reality 1
Little planet view 1
Polygonal hotspot 1
Action: Enter/Exit full screen 1
Partial panorama 1
Hint 1
Flash 1
Flash Thumbnail 1
Video: Local video file and youtube video 1 Local video only

3D object 1
Movie 1
Speed controller:Control the rotation speed of virtual tour. 1
Movie controller 1
Lens flare:Be added in scene to achieve the effect of lens flare. 1
  Customized progressbar style 1
  Scene viewer frame image 1
  Distinguish visited/unvisited hotspot/radar 1
Gyro Effect 1
GPS:Locating the radar automatically on Google/ Bing map with GPS data of source image Bing Map only Google map only
Chrome browser 1 1
Support for spherical, cylindrical,cubic panorama and stil image 1 1
Floor map 1 1
Online map: Support only "actual size" in drop-down list of size mode in html5 virtual tour Bing map only Google map only
Thumbnail:Only support translucent and classical style in HTML5 virtual tour 1 1
Popup window:Support for other components 1 1
Hotspot 1 1
Audio file 1 1
Sound controller:Control the sound volume of background music or scene music 1 1
Combobox:Drop-down menu of scenes 1 1
Listbox:Drop-down menu of scenes 1 1
Radar 1 1
Compass 1 1
Scene transition effect 1 1
Button: Only common button and toggle button are supported in html5 virtual tour 1 1
Image:Support for jpg,bmp,png and gif 1 1
/ Text and TextArea 1 1
Actions: Following actions are not supported in html5 virtual tour: Play / Pause movie, Stop movie, Print page, Enter/Exit full screen, Zoom in, Zoom out, Close Window(in ipad virtual tour) 1 1
Scale to browser window and specified size:Scale to browser window is recommended for both flash virtual tour and html5 virtual tour. 1 1
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