Build Your First Virtual Tour


    Customize Virtual Tour Skin

  • Customize virtual tour skin to get a unique virtual tour, including Main Window, Loading Window and Popup Window.


Window Components

    Loading Window

  • Set properties for Loading Window, editing preloading image, background color and setting the progress bar.


    Main Window

  • Introducing background image, color setting and percentage setting of Main Window.


    Popup Window

  • All components can be added to Popup Window except scene viewer. (Pro Only). Map, Thumbnail, TextArea added to popup window can expand/collapse or fly from different directions.




Control Components

Selection Components

Description Components

    Text, Image and Textarea

  • Introducing description components: Text, Image and Textarea, Tourweaver provides Text, TextArea and Image to help you present text or image info in virtual tour.


Hotspot Components


  • Add Hotpsot to Scene/Map-Interactive Realization: By using hotspots, you can make virtual tour more interactive.



  • Add Radar to Map-Interactive Realization: By using radars, you can make virtual tour more interactive.


Flash&Video Components


  • Support adding flash component to skin or popup window. (pro only)



  • Support adding video component to skin or popup window. (pro only)




Action Technique

    General Actions

  • Introducing adding actions (Link URL, Email to, Execute Script, multiple actions) to components-Actions can be added to these components: Image, Text, Button and Hotspot etc.


    Popup Image

  • Introduction of the action Popup Image to pop up a 3D object.


    Multiple Actions

  • Use one button to control open/close of multiple popup windows. (pro only)


Special Effects

    Set Percentage & Anchor Components

  • Some splendid effects are available in Tourweaver. Size of Main Window, Scene Viewer can appear as specified percentage and components can be anchored at a specified position.