After making settings for the loaded images, choose Panorama>Stitch, Panorama>Stitch with Former Parameters or press directly to stitch a panorama automatically. If the matching point pairs are not enough, inserting matching points is necessary.

Insert and Edit Matching Points
How to Stitch with Parameters

Insert and Edit Matching Points

What are matching points?
Matching points are a pair of points in the overlap area of two adjacent fisheye images. Inserting matching points is to search out several pairs of the same points on two neighbor fisheye images, and each pair of points will superpose after stitching.

When should I insert matching points?
In case it is difficult for Panoweaver to search out the matching points automatically, it will remind you to insert matching points manually. For example, the overlap area of two images is a white wall, which has no obvious similar parts, which is difficult for Panoweaver to locate matching points.
If your images are already loaded, but you want Panoweaver to stitch the images more accurately, you may insert matching points. You must insert at least 3 pairs of matching points manually, and then stitch the panorama.

Basic steps to insert matching points:

Select Matching Points

Move Matching Points

The pair of points will not move at the same time.

Delete Matching Points

Matching points exist in pair and will be deleted in pair.

Tip: Zoom out two images to get the rough overlap locations and insert several pairs of matching points. Then zoom in two images, click one line in the list of Matching Points to select a pair of matching points. Finally the selected pair of matching points will show in view port automatically and you are able to locate the matching points accurately.


Stitch with Parameters

Save Stitching Parameters
You may save the parameters if satisfied with the stitched image. And you will save much time by importing saved parameters directly when you stitch images shot with the same equipment and settings.
Steps:Choose Panorama>Save Stitching Parameter or use shortcut Ctrl + W, enter a name in the pop-up window, for instance, you may name parameters as the type of fisheye image, and then click Save button.

Stitch with Former Parameters
Parameters of images shot with the same equipment and settings are the same. As a result, you may save satisfied parameters and apply them to the images shot with the same equipment and settings. After importing fisheye images, choose Panorama>Stitch with Former Parameters to stitch.

Manage Stitching Parameters

You may also choose Panorama>Manage Stitching Parameters in menu bar to manage saved stitching parameters.

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