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Flash Panorama Player

Flash panorama player refers to panorama players based on Adode Flash player.

EPublisher is the tool for exporting panorama photos to Flash panorama player

How to use EPublisher to export panoramas in Flash player?

To export panoramas in Flash player, no special Flash skills is required. 360 degree spherical, cylindrical and cubic panoramas can be exported in Flash player with one click by EPublisher.

After installation, launch EPublisher and go to the folder of your panoramic photos, select up to 300 panoramas and click Batch Publish with EPublisher, EPublisher will publish the panoramas to Flash players.


Note: If you would like to hide some part of the panoramic photo from Flash player, you need to open EPublisher and change settings of Pan, Tilt, FOV values before publishing the panoramic photo.

Click the following cylindrical panoramic photo to view it in Flash panorama player - EPublisher

Panoweaver - combining panorama stitching and Flash panorama publishing features.

There is a simple way to get panoramic photos and export it to Flash panorama player, that is, to use Panoweaver. Import a group of single line/multiple lines of digital photos to Panoweaver, and stitch them into panoramas. Then publish panoramas to Flash VR. The Flash panorama player of Panoweaver is similar with EPublisher, but the link to Easypano website is removed from the right click menu of Flash VR content.

Tips: EPublisher is limited to publishing single panorama into independent Flash and HTML5 virtual tour and view in Flash panorama player with in program or browser. If you want to stitch multiple images, we suggest using panorama software Panoweaver Pro, which contains all features of EPublisher and can easily stitch photos into panoramas. If you need to create interactive virtual tours, we recommend using virtual tour software Tourweaver

View Flash panoramas in EP-Sky and Gallery

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