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Selling your credit spot-how much more $?

Hey guys,

A comment by Gen Lee about putting your clients logo on the tripod cap instead of your own got me thinking.

How much extra per project will you guys charge if the client told you "I dont want your branding/credit/logo anywhere, only mine"? This means their logo on the tripod cap, their link on the tour skin, etc. 

You can't loose the project, but you want to be compensated.

Your anwser can be an extra $ amount, % or 2 times more, or 5 times, more...etc. You tell me.


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When I first started I asked a very experienced photographer about getting credit. I had a big job in New Orleans for some very snazzy hotels on Bourbon street. The company that hired me wanted to put the hotels logos on the tripod caps leaving me with no credit. I was not sure I was going to take the job becasue of this.

He said without hesitation "forget the credit, take the money" and went on to explain that I would have plenty of time to "get credit" and if I did a good job and made the client happy thats all that mattered and I would probably get plenty of business from them.

So I took the job. I did get credit on a single web page buried inside my clients web site after I had to ask about 10 times to get it. After about 2 months they took that off too. This client then proceeded to say they "produced" the images and used my work to start their own virtual tour company. Yes a huge viloation of copyright and numerous other laws. But I did not have the resources to sue and besides it would not have mattered anyway.

Of course I did not get any new business from this deal as I had hoped. This was 5 years ago when panos were still kind of new and no one had them on Bourbon street. I had hoped for continued business from this client. I was counting on it.

After this incident I never agian sold a pano without my logo on the tripod cap. I don't even bring it up with new clients.

For lower priced tours it is not an option. If they don't want my credit there I don't do the job.

I do share the tripod cap. I put my phone number and name around the edge and put the clients logo in the center. I don't charge for this because my credit is there also.

It is common practice to charge around $50 dollars for a logo placement on the tripod cap for basic real estate tours. But your competitors might just include this with their tours so you might have a problem there.

For higher priced tours this becomes a more delicate matter. I have had a few clients who wanted their logo without my credit. I have to negotiate this issue with them. They usually understand my position. In every case I ended up sharing the tripod cap with the client.

So far non has actually demanded my credit appear no where in the image. I can say that if this ever happens I would probably charge about 50 to 100 percent more for the job. But in this scenario the client is most likly going to use the images for a CD marketing campain or distrubute the images via stand alone viewers etc. In this case the price would be greater anyway due to the inteneded use of the images and I would get credit somewhere in the CD or other appropiate place.

I say charge $50 for logo placement on a $100 dollar 4 image tour. On the higher end stuff this becomes a matter of "image use". If the client is willing to pay for "unlimited use" then they can have the tripod cap but I will demand credit somewhere acceptable to me. And thats in the sighned contract this time!!!!!!!. This old dog only has to bite that frog once to learn his lesson. LOL.

Gen. Lee

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Very nice explanation Gen.Lee
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Hi. We use Tourweaver to produce our tours. We take out the tripod completely so it gives a nicer finish to the images and put our branding somewhere else in the tour where it can ben seen permenantly. the tours are part of a java applet so it cant be messed about with very easily. But as Gen.Lee says never do a tour without getting credit.
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Well, I'm very new to this pano thing and have not yet done one for pay. But I guess I would apply the same principles I use in my other photography/illustration work. With my photos/illustrations, I add a copyright notice on the bottom of the images. Yes, the client can crop it out if they want to but, if I were to sue them for copyright infringement, the act of them cropping it out shows intent to use the image illegally, and they cannot claim ignorance. Usually though, the client will ask me if it's okay to crop it out. If they do that, I will ask for credit somewhere on their website (if it's to be used on the Internet) that is no more than 2 clicks away from the home page. Usually on the contact page. Many times I am also hired to build the site, so I am able to put my credit at the bottom of the home page with a link.

For high valued images, I digitally watermark the images using Digimarc. I don't know if that can be done with panos though. Also, if I thought the image is marketable and suspected that the client would use it for other money-making purposes, I would formally register the copyright and let them know it.

In the case of panos, I would insist that I have credit somewhere in the image (including the skin) but not necessarily on the cap. And I would tell them that it protects them from someone claiming the images as theirs and trying to bring litigation on them. I've got a couple of articles on copyright law that I give to my clients as well to educate them.

Lastly, I thank them profusely for the job and indicate that my business relies mostly on word-of-mouth and putting my credit on the images (or on their site) is a way for me to get more business. Then I ask for at least two referrals and even a testimonial.

Think about this. If my name is all over the work that I do, I will give them my best and they will receive excellent customer service. And I make sure they know that.