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Panoweaver 8 is released

Dear Users,

This is to inform you that Panoweaver 8 is now ready with the below updates:

[-]Address the displaying problem of Google map JavaScript API upgrading.
[-]Address the publish problem of SWF panorama.
[-]Address the centering problem of popup image in HTML 5 tour.
[-]Address the panorama saving problem in Japanese version.
[-]Address the crashing problem of stitching 16 bit panoramic image after rotating the source images.
[*]Google map is supported in SWF panorama.
[*]Optimize the hotspot editing window.

You can download it at Hope you will like it.

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How do we get the free upgrade to V8 as promised when I bought 7.40. I see nothing in my user panel for that free upgrade.

Thank you