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Update of Easypano products

Dear Easypano friends,

Tourweaver 7 for Win and Panoweaver 8 for win both released a new updated edition, resolving some small issues. The details can be found below:

Tourweaver 7 for Win

Builder: 7.00.120929

[-]Fixed the "slice display" issue on some machines.
[-]Address the radar synchronization problem on some machines.

Download link:

Panoweaver 8 for Win


[-] Resolved the running issues on 64 bit system.
[*] Updated the window of About for HDR feature.
[-] Addressed the stitching failure using the imported project.

Download link:

Have an experience of new edition right now:)

Best regards


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Will we one day have a way to level a scene in Panoweaver?

Regards, Smooth
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What is the difference between:

[-] and [*] ?
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[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed  ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]