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Panoweaver8.30 is released

Dear Easypano Friends,

Panoweaver 8.30 has been released, as well as Panoweaver8.30 Batch Beta version. New features can be found below:


[+] Playback loop is supported when partial panorama is published.
[+] The scene will rotate automatically after a short pause if it is clicked.
[-] Initial rotation speed would keep the same as the speed after clicking toolbar buttons.
[-] Fix the issue of failing to save GPS data of source image when stitched into panorama.
[*] The gyro effect is optimized so that visual effect on iPad or iPhone is much better.

[+] Panoweaver8 Batch edition is released.
[-] HTML5 can be published in Panoweaver8 Batch edition.
[-] Address the issue of generating wrong thumbnail in Batch edition.
[-] Address the problem of generating black lines when stitching drum fisheye images with Batch edition.
[-] Fix the problem of different outputs when stitching with Professional edition and Batch edition.

[*] When the ceiling and floor images are covered in source images, the output is much better in this batch edition.

If you would like to test the updated version, please download the installer at Since Panoweaver8 Batch is still a beta version at present, your feedback and suggestions would be highly appreciated.