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Error API TourWeaber 7.90 / Questions Animation (.SWF) mp3 Music the Flash CC 2014

Hello, We're using the latest version of Tourweaver Pro 7.90.140903 DEMO

I'd like to insert an animation mp3 Music the Flash CC 2014 (.swf), but it doesn't work

Works properly in internet Explorer 11 (.swf) not in TourWeaber 7.90.140903

1. file can not be loaded  (.swf, .xml, .mp3)
2. Is there a way to add an MP3 music animation ( .swf Flash CC 2014 ) ?
3. Slide Video?  ¿ when they add this function ?      see photo


. ¿ You can not do ?
. ¿ if you can do like ?

. ¿ If it can be done, as would be inserted? possible a video example ?

see photo error API, Question?

Thank You.