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HTML5 Tour doesn't load in iPhone


I've really been waiting very paitiently for you guys to update the issues with TW. I've been one of your most loyal advocates and only needed some of the most basic issues sorted 100%. Unlike others I've tended to dumb my tours down to at least ensure that the work published functions and would happily add bells and whistles when stable software was produced

My needs:

  • Publish tours with panoramas in HTML5 (that works)

  • Publish pop-up windows for photos, map, logo and text elements (pop-ups work sometimes and buttons maybe half the time)

  • Buttons work on pop-ups and open/close images, Fancy sliding in and out actions would be nice... however just working is my absolut minimum expectation. (Alas I have had consistant problems here which makes me not which to add pop-ups which menas no photos, maps, logos etc.)

  • Publish my own toolbar. Afterall customizing and branding the experience goes right down to the kind of buttons I develop. (This alas is problematic due to the aforementioned pop-up issue which means I tend not to provide a toolbar anymore)

So, as you see I just want the basics to work 100% of the time. So please let me know what the least buggy version of the software taht I should use until the many wrinkles are unbugged. Alas I've really had to screw my expectations back as I tend to have one issue or the other with virtually every tour I create which cost me time and thus money.

I'm running 7.50.130812 which seems to work most of the time

I've stopped trying 7,7 as I have persistant issues with popups, loading etc.

I'm in the process of downloading 7.9 in the hope that these issues will be resolved

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Thanx for requesting the ability to "Publish tours with panoramas in HTML5 (that works)"

Does the TextArea display the text you've set up for each 360° image in the HTML5 version of your tours?

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM