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Image Stitcher

Image stitcher is certain software which is able to stitch serveral digital images into an image with larger FOV (field of view), or wider angle. If the digital images cover enough FOV, they can be stitched to a panoramic image, which reaches 360 degree horizontally.

Panoweaver is such an image stitcher which can stitch all kinds of digital images. According to lens type, digital images are divided into normal, wide-angle and fisheye images. Fisheye images cover greater angle than other two types, so only a few fisheye images are needed to stitch a panoramic image. Professional photographers usually use fisheye lens to take fisheye digital images and stitch full spherical panoramic image.

For all kinds of digital images, if you want to stitch a perfect panoramic image, you need to locate nodal point to keep the camera in a fixed position to avoid parallax error.

When stitching panoramas with Panoweaver, both auto stitching and manual stitching are available. Automatic stitching is applied when the digital images have obvious matching points between adjacent image pairs. When two adjacent digital images don't have enough matching points, manual stitching should be selected.

A full 360 degree cylindrical panorama stitched from normal digital images:

A wide-angle image stitched from normal digital images:

The panoramas and wide-angle images can be used for print, or display in Flash, QuickTime and Java viewers. View panoramas in Flash, Quicktime and Java players


To shoot normal digital images, normal digital cameras can be used. A tripod is suggested for steady shooting and keeping nodal point.

To shoot fisheye images, we have some recommendations on digital cameras and compatible fisheye lenses. Check compatible equipment for shooting fisheye images.

Main features of image stitcher Panoweaver

As a professional image stitcher, Panoweaver offers following powerful features for image stitching. It stitches:

  • Spherical and cylindrical panorama, including partial panorama.
  • HDR panorama
  • Camera raw images to panorama
  • 16 bit panorama image
  • Fisheye images and wide-angle images to panorama

Besides, image stitcher Panoweaver also has advanced features like:

  • Smart Blend plugin support
  • Right click stitching
  • Manual stitchng and automatic stitching
  • Save panorama stitching parameters for future use
  • Add logos to panorama floor and ceiling
  • Batch stitch groups of panorama (Panoweaver 6.00 Batch)

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