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Image Stitching Software

Image stitching software Panoweaver can stitch a number of images into a panorama. There are many types of images, fisheye images (taken by fisheye lens), wide-angle images (taken by wide-angle lens), and normal images (taken by standard digital camera and lens). All these types of images can be stitched into panoramic imges with Panoweaver.

Panoweaver can stitch any images to wide-angle or 360 degree panoramic image. To get fisheye images, choose compatible equipment.

To get panoramic image from normal images, first calculate image quantity needed for completing 360 degree, and then stitch with image stitching software panoweaver to stitch together.

There are two kinds of projection for panoramas, spherical and cylindrical. If your images do not cover 360 degree of the photography location, you can get a partial panorama (either spherical or cylindrical) and save it as a wide-angle image, which can also be published into a Flash VR, QTVR, Java applet tour,as well as HTML5 tours.

Types of images supported by Panoweaver:

  • Full circular fisheye images

Circular fisheye images stitching by Panoweaver

  • Drum images

Drum image stitching with Panoweaver

  • Full frame fisheye images

Full frame images stitching with Panoweaver

  • Normal images

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As a professional image stitching software, Panoweaver offers following advanced functions:

  • Support automatic image stitching and manual stitching
  • Spherical panoramas Stitching from fisheye photos
  • Cylindrical panoramic image stitching from single-row/multiple-rows of photos
  • Support stitching HDR panoramas from camera RAW source images
  • Stitch and blend HDR source images into an LDR panorama
  • Recognize the lens type automatically
  • Support two blenders: PWBlend and Smartblend
  • 16 bit panoramic image Stitching
  • Right click image stitching
  • Save unfinished project
  • Add hotspot, progress bar and customized toolbar to panorama
  • Output panoramas to Flash panorama tours (both html based Flash and standalone swf), QuickTime movies and Java Applet tours
  • Mask is supported in the image stitching software.
  • Little planet view can be achieved with the image stitching software.
  • Tripod can be romoved directly in the panorama stitching software.
  • Gyroscope effect is supported in HTML5 virtual tour.
  • Play panoramas in full screen
  • Right click stitching
  • Camera Raw image stitching
  • HDR solution
  • Support Smart Blend plugin
  • More features.

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Panoweaver 8

Professional 360 panoramic photo stitching software as well as Flash panorama publisher from any type of photo.

The most powerful virtual tour creating software for integrating your panoramas with Google map,video, hotspot, ect.

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