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Tourweaver 790- Virtual Tour is More than life.

Dear Easypano Users,

Thanks for your feedback and waiting. As we believe that life will be beyond people's imagination, we have been working to become the most ambitious and approachable architect for virtual tour.

Now it is. Tourweaver 7.90 is officially released.It exits for your new life.

In Tourweaver 7.90, components like Button, Hotspot, Image and Text can be added with an action to pop up a PDF file. And much more styles are available for Thumbnail, Loading Window, Hotspot, Radar and Control Bar.

We also made efforts in improving the compatibility with various browsers. HTML5 tour will support WebGL and you can view the tour in latest IE, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari.

About the detailed update information, you may check: What's new in Tourweaver 7.90
About Tourweaver:
To download Tourweaver 7.90:

Free Update: Please note that user who has already owned Tourweaver 7 license key can free update your program to this latest version.

If you have any doubt about Panoweaver 9, please feel free to send mail to We would be glad to help you!

Best regards
Easypano Marketing Team