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How to add a still image as a scene in VRTourMaker?

In virtual tours, a still image is typically used to show the full view or the detail aspect of a scene. In VRTourMaker, still image is a kind of scene. To add scenes, follow the steps below: 
1. Click Scenes Edit in the workflow buttons to switch the work area to scene management area. 
2. Click the button Add Scenes (s) to open a file dialog. 
3. In the dialog, select the scene files and click the button Open to load the scenes. 
4. When loading the scene files, a progress window will be popped up.
After the progress reaches 100%, all scenes are loaded, and they will be shown in the scene list of the scene management area. 
5. If the aspect ratio of the scene image is 2:1, the image will be added as a 360 panorama, otherwise, it will be added as a still image.
There is a type icon at the upper left corner of the scene item. Users can change the scene type by clicking the icon.
Also, users can change the scene type in scene information edit dialog.

Regarding on the scene information edit dialog, please refer to:
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