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How to add a virtual digital human in a virtual tour?

In a virtual tour, a virtual digital human is usually used to introduce the scene information. It provides more information meanwhile making the virtual tour more vivid.
In VRTourMaker, a virtual digital human is added by adding a image-paste hotspot to scenes. This feature is added from version 1.6. To add a virtual digital human, follow the steps below: 
1. Add a image-paste hotspot to a scene. 
2. Set the data type property to video. 
3. Select the video file by clicking on the media selection button “+”.
This video is used to display the virtual digital human. The virtual tour player will blend the video into the scene amd make them like a whole. 
Users can take a video by digital camera or generate a video from an AI video generator website.
If users want to take a video, users need to take the video at the panorama taking point.
The bit rate of the video should not be too high, otherwise the player will get stuck. If users want to generate a video using AI generator, it need set the background of the digital human to the real scene.
Users can take a photo as the background, or use the screen shot of the virtual tour player of the scene. 

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