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What are the differences between Tourweaver and VRTourMaker?

Tourweaver is a professional virtual tour software, enjoying a good reputation in the virtual tour industry for more than 15 years with its powerful features. Tourweaver supports almost all functions for making virtual tours and allows users to customize every detail. Tourweaver is very flexible to use, but also relatively complex. For example, virtual tours may have to be made separately for devices with different resolutions. 
Many features of Tourweaver are based on flash and it can output the Flash and HTML5 virtual tours. Since adobe stopped supporting and updating flash, some functions no longer work well, such as preview and Flash virtual tours. 

Compared with the tours made by Tourweaver, the tours made by VRTourMaker are completely based on HTML5 technology and are perfectly compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. One tour output by VRTourMaker can be played on all devices, such as PC, tablet and smartphone, etc. at the same time (That means it is not necessary to make three tours for three types of the terminals). VRTourMaker also supports to publish virtual tours that can be played in VR mode on smartphones.

VRTourMaker has a new design from user interface to interaction process. It has made some presets in functions, such as skin settings, which greatly improves ease of use and production efficiency. VRTourMaker opened the virtual tour player APIs. The APIs provides powerful functionality. Users can use them to implement all kinds of the effects, such as user-defined hotspot, thumbnail, list control and so on. Note that users must master the basic web programming technology.

For more information about VRTourMaker, please open the link:
And you can download the trial version from the following link:
  virtual tour software differences between Tourweaver and VRTourMaker
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