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Step 4 - How to Stitch Panorama and Create Virtual Tour?

Step 3: - How to shoot panorama?

Difference between Panoweaver and Tourweaver?

Panoweaver and Tourweaver are two main programs of Easypano. They can help you create professional virtual tours without any programming skills.

Panoweaver, photo stitching software, is mainly used to stitch images into 360 panoramas. The panorama software can also publish panorama into virtual tour, but it can process only one panorama at a time.(View Sample)

Tourweaver, virtual tour software, is mainly used to create professional 360 interactive virtual tours. It can’t be used to stitch images but you can integrate many panoramas into one virtual tour with the tool, which supports flash, video, audio file, map, thumbnail, text, image, etc. With Tourweaver, you can publish Flash virtual tour and HTML5 tour, which can be displayed on PC, Mac, smart phones(iPhone and Android 4.0+)and tablets(View Sample).


Simple Demo

Panoweaver User interface.vs. Tourweaver interface


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