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How to preview the virtual tours published by Tourweaver

Many features of Tourweaver are based on flash. Since adobe has stopped supporting flash, they can no longer be used normally. If you use Tourweaver to make virtual tours, there are three ways to view the output of Tourweaver: 
1. Download a Chinese special version of the flash plug-in and install it. And now your computer can view the flash contents including preview the virtual tours in Tourweaver. But it is not recommended. Because this flash version will bring a lot of ads. 
2. Install Tourweaver to an old version windows such as Windows 7. And install an old version flash (19.0 or before). And then the preview feature of Tourweaver will work well. It is also not recommended, because Microsoft has stopped support Windows 7. 
3. Publish HTML5 format virtual tours and use LocalBrowseServer to view the output. LocalBrowseServer was developed by Easypano. It is a mini webserver for Easypano users to launch the HTML5 virtual tours locally and view the effect. You can download it from the following link: 
Please copy the file to the virtual tour folder and run it. 
This program will open the index page or the file list of virtual tour folder in the default browser. If it open the file list, you can click the link to the index file of the virtual tour and view the virtual tour.
If you got a following dialog popped up by Windows Defender Firewall, please click the button "allow access". This program only establish a local HTTP service.

For virtual tour creation, Easypano has released a new software - VRTourMaker. This software has built-in LocalBrowseServer and it is easier to view the output than Tourweaver. You can also try this software.

Compared with the tours published by Tourweaver, the tours published by VRTourMaker are completely based on HTML5 technology and are perfectly compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. One tour published by VRTourMaker can be played on all devices, such as PC, tablet and smartphone, etc. at the same time (That means it is not necessary to publish three tours for three types of the terminals)

For more detailed information, please open the following link:

And you can download the trial version from here:

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