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How to view HTML5 virtual tours exported by VRTourMaker locally?

VRTourMaker generate HTML5 virtual tours, which are based on WebGL and WebVR. For security reasons, modern browsers doesn't open webpages based on flash or WebGL locally. Generally, users can upload the files to a web server to solve this issue. It is inconvenience in this way. VRTourMaker provide a solution to view virtual tours locally. 

First, please download the program “LocalBrowseServer.exe” and copy it to the folder of index.html file.
The download link to LocalBrowseServer is as follows:


Second, double click LocalBrowseServer.exe. The virtual tours will be launched in the default browser automatically. 

If you got a following dialog popped up by Windows Defender Firewall, please click the button "allow access". This program only establish a local HTTP service.

Note: For Mac OSX, due to higher security, users have to open the file permissions on the Mac system before viewing virtual tour locally. 

How to open the file permissions on Mac OSX?

  How to view virtual tour locally?
  How to watch VR tour after the project has been published? How to open the file permissions on macOS 

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