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Why Use Panoramic Head and Tripod in Panorama Photography?


Step 2: How to choose hardware?

Why use Panohead & Tripod?


Usage of Panoramic Head

To achieve the best quality of the panorama in a easy fashion, you would need a dedicated panorama head.The panohead help you fix the camera especially when you want to shoot the sky and the ground. The panohead help you fix the "nodal point" of the lens. If you do not rotate your camera around the nodal point, your images may not stitch well together by the software, will be ragged and will need to be cropped to clean up the edges, and sometimes even resulting in some loss of content.

Usage of Tripod

  • Correct the issue of parallax error when shooting panoramas.
  • Line up your shot in an accurate way, more likely to be arranged on a flat straight horizontal line.
  • Assures stability to the camera and avoids camera shakes in situations where longer exposure times are necessary.
  • Potentially leave gaps in your panoramic photos.

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