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Panorama Software - Panoweaver 4.00 Key Features


  • High resolution
    Let's see an example first. Latest Canon SLR camera EOS-1DS only has 11 mega pixels, while Panoweaver could stitch high quality photos within 50 mega pixels. It's an obvious trend that Digital cameras' resolution is climbing up rapidly. Panoweaver always stays in head of the curve by supporting advanced cameras in the future.

  • Full screen
    Panoweaver offers Full Screen feature, which brings immersive vision effects. With the panoramas fill the entire screen, viewers would find themselves as if were in the scene. Full screen 360*360 view shows panorama up to the sky and down to your feet with no blind spots.

  • Print ready
    Panoweaver is print ready. You may print out your panorama and paste it on your wall. A print of the best quality image that Panoweaver support is longer and wider than a real size Audi A6!


  • Time-saving
    Traditional line-scanning practice is time-consuming. Making a panorama often takes up 2 painstaking hours. Now with Panoweaver, a high resolution panorama can be done in an amazingly efficient way. Shoot, stitch and publish a panorama needs only epochal 10 minutes.

  • Auto stitching
    It happens automatically. Click on Stitch button, Panoweaver will create a panorama for you automatically and cleverly. Stitching is no longer a frustration, it's an excitement!

  • Easy step 123
    Users shoot pictures, import photos, stitch them automatically then publish his or her panorama! It's that easy. Panoweaver optimized all the settings. That's also why newbie as well as techies find it really easy to create a panorama of their own.

  • Easy control
    You do the clicks, we do the rest! Controls are that easy!


  • Compatible with almost all cameras
    Easy-to-use and compatible with almost all correlating cameras? Sounds unbelievable! In Easypano's dictionary, easy by no means conveys the concept of single functional. Panoweaver is compatible with almost all cameras, including professional SLR cameras and consumer cameras, as well as all fish-eye lenses.

  • Stitch images in comprehensive formats and shapes.
    Panoweaver supports all popular picture formats, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PICT, PNG, TGA, etc. And all shapes, circular, drum and full frame.

  • Publish to different formats
    Users can choose to publish the panorama as JAVA or QuickTime.


  • One-time fee
    Unlike most competitors, Easypano is not mercenary and cares more about people. Easypano brings more joy to people at an affordable price. Here with Easypano, no annual fee, no per image fee, no per website fee, no hidden fee… Users pay for once; they can own it for life.

  • Affordable pricing
    When comparing to other products in the same field, Panoweaver is not that expensive and reasonably priced. Easypano cares people and helps them to gain more profit with less pay.

  • Value-added service, free support
    Most favorable discounts are given to institutions and non-profit organizations.Informative and prompt Technical Support is available for everyone free of charge.Camera + Fisheye + Panohead + Panoweaver™ = high quality panorama with the best price. One-time investment rewards you without a limit.


  • Creating panoramas with Panoweaver can not only bring joy but also cash in return
    Web designers can attract more visitors to their website;
    Realtors can make virtual tour for their clients to attract more renters and buyers;
    Architecture supervisors can save both time and energy when documenting a building;
    …… and there's no limit to explorer cost-effective usage of Panoweaver.
    As Easypano lays no limitations on usage time or number of photos you create, so the more users use it, the higher Return of Investment (ROI) they will have.

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