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Panorama Software - Panoweaver 10 System Requirements

To use Panoweaver 10, you need:



Running environment

Playing environment

Hardware environment


PC  Intel i5 3320 or higher; AMD FX6350 or higher;

Mac OSX: Intel i5 3320  or higher; 

PC  Intel i3 3220  or higher; AMD Athlon X4 641  or higher; 

Mac OSX: Intel i3 3220  or higher 




Free Disk Space

4G or higher;



1024*768 or higher. 

Support 16-bit color or higher 

1024*768  or higher. 

Support 16-bit color or higher 

Graphics Card

Support “OPENCL” independent graphics card.( Mainstream graphics cards are all supported) 


Ethernet Card

must for activation 



WinWin7 or higher64-bit operating system, not supporting 32-bit 

Windows 7 or higher. 

Mac  Mac OSX 10.10  or higher 

iOS  9 or higher. 

Android  5.0 or higher.Browser should support WebGL



Google Chrome 9+, 

Mozilla Firefox 4+, 

Safari 5.1+only for Mac OS Xnot contain Windows 

Opera 12 alpha or higher,  

IE10 or higher. 


OpenGL 1.2 or hihgher 

Install Flash Player 9.0 or higher. 

Note: the above requirements for the player platform are based on HTML5. Flash player is not supported on phones. On Windows and Mac OSX, you need to install the player with Flash Player 9.0 or higher. The browser should support Flash Player with corresponding permissions. 

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