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Easypano Panoweaver 10.10 for MacOS, Sep 19, 2023
Builder:10.10.230919 Download

[*] For some unknown reason, the program will crash when stitching panorama on some macOS 13.5 M2 Architecture computers using GPU. So when running Panoweaver on macOS 13.5 or later first, the preferred processor for stitching panorama will be set to cpu.

Easypano Panoweaver 10.10 for macOS&Windows, May 29, 2023
Builder:10.10.230529 Download

[*] Adjusted the memory allocation scheme to allow Panoweaver to use more memory when stitching panorama. It will enhance the program performance.

[-] Fixed the bug that Panoweaver cannot utilize GPU acceleration to stitch panorama on some computer.

[-] Removed sharing feature.

Easypano Panoweaver 10.02 for MacOS, Oct 18, 2019
Builder:10.02.191018 Download

[-] Solve the problem that Panoweaver is compatible with the higher JRE version on macOS 10.15.

Easypano Panoweaver 10.02 for Windows, Oct 15, 2018
Builder:10.02.181015 Download

[-] Solve the problem of missing Opencl.dll on some computer.

Easypano Panoweaver 10.01 for Windows, Oct 10, 2018
Builder:10.01.181010 Download

[-] Fixed the bug that caused crashes using online maps on some computer.

[-] Fixed the bug that mouse will be stucked when mouse quickly scrolls.

Easypano Panoweaver 10.00 for Windows, Sep 21, 2018
Builder:10.00.180921 Download

Added features
[+] Add the Seam function to adjust seam. Use the optical flow algorithm to upgrade the panoramic stithing effect.
[+] Add Dehazing function to make the photo token on haze days clearer.
[+] Add Exposure and Contrast Value function to improve the details of the panoramic image.
[+] Add XMP data to the EXIF information of the panorama by default to support 360 degree viewing on Facebook and other platforms.
[+] Add the data of mainstream shooting equipments to support automatic recognition of original image types captured by more devices.
[+] Add address searching function when locating the panorama in the map.

Improved features
[*] Optimize the algorithm of large images loading and stitching to make the stitching smoother and more efficient.
[*] Optimize the overall stitching speed and reduce the time of save operation, 10%-80% faster than before.
[*] Optimize memory processing mechanism. Upgrade the steadiness when processing large images.
[*] Optimize HDR function, and fix “saving failure” bug.
[*] Optimize little planet function and display.
[*] Optimize the structure of UI and menu to make the workflow clearer and easier.
[*] Modify multiple software operation processes to enhance the user friendliness.
[*] Optimize YPR function, and adding adjusting YPR function after inputting panoramic image.
[*] Adjust the sharing function. Now you can only share the panorama on EP-Sky directly.

Removed features or fixed bugs
[-] Fix the bug "bad allocation".
[-] Remove "Image" menu.
[-] Remove "Import Sample Images…" submenu in File menu.
[-] Remove hotspots function.
[-] Remove publishing QTVR format.
[-] Remove publishing Merge Flash VR, HTML5 format.
[-] No longer support Windows XP and 32bit operation system.



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