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Panoweaver 8 is one of the most powerful and easy to use panorama stitching software. You can not only get different types of panorama image but also publish immersive flash VR, QTVR and HTML5. Compared with previous version, Little Planet, Masking features, Share on Facebook and Automatic add Little Planet Ceiling and Floor are added.
Major New Features of Panorama Software
  • Mask
    When you take photos for moving objects, it is annoying to retouch the image after stitching. However, in panoweaver 8 you can decide which part you want it show or hide after stitching by Masking.
  • Conversion from spherical panorama to stereographic panorama
    Little planet panorama is also available by Panoweaver 8 besides spherical panorama, cylindrical panorama and cubic panorama. It is very easy to convert from spherical to cubic and from spherical to little planet.
  • Switch by Right Click menu between normal and little planet effect
    Panoweaver 8 Flash tour will have two kinds of view: normal view and Little Planet view. You can also customize the duration of transition effect from Little Planet view to normal view.
  • Customizable resolution for printing your panorama
    Compared with Panoweaver 7, you can reset the size of panorama after stitching if you do not satisfy with the size of it. You reset the size as you want after stitching.
  • Size settings for iPad
    There are many optimization for HTML5 tour in Panoweaver 8. Initial auto play for HTML 5 is added. You can also choose publishing as iPad size directly.
  • Mini stereographic picture for bottom/ceiling
    You can not only add your customized logo of ceiling and floor but also add little planet ceiling and floor. Just click a button, the little planet ceiling and floor is added. It is pretty easy and beautiful.
  • Share your panorama to Facebook directly from within the program
    iEasypano is a free hosting for sharing your panorama and published tour for Easypano user. You can also share your tour to Facebook.
  • Support adding longitude, latitude and NorthPan information to EXIF of panorama
    Adding and North Pan information in your panorama is available in Panoweaver 8. You can customize the longitude, latitude and North Pan in the panorama.
  • Support Adobe Flash Player 11
    Easypano always keep up with the cutting edge technology. Panoweaver 8 support Adobe Flash Player 11 play engine. It makes your tour more immersive and smooth.
  • Improved features
    Panoweaver 8 becames more user friendly. The panorama quality and stitching effect is greatly optimized in Panoweaver 8. Ripple problem around ceiling/floor also has been resolved.
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