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Stitch Panos with Panorama Software
3 steps to finish Photo Stitching and VR Publishing
  • step1
    Import source images
    • Panorama software - Panoweaver supports source images shot by all camera types Wide angel/ Normal/Fisheye/(Full circular, Drum, Full frame)/multiple rows of images
    • Support source images:jpeg,png ,bmp,tga, tiff, Camera RAW file and 16bit image
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  • step2
    Stitch automatically
    • Automatic Photo Stitching: No or less user-interaction, several key processings:fisheye-region detection,corresponding points matching, stitching parameter-optimization, remapping and blending
    • Support to stitch all types of panos:Spherical Pano/ Cubic Pano/Cylindrical pano/Giga pixels pano/Littleplanet pano
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  • step3
    Save and VR Publishing
    • Image save formats: JPEG/PNG/TIF/BMP/Tiff16(best image quality for print)/PSD(easy to be processed by Photoshop)
    • VR Publishing formats: HTML5, Flash VR, *.SWF
    • VR content published by panorama software can be displayed on: PC、mobile、smartphone,etc
Types of images that panorama software can stitch
Fisheye Photo
Panorama software - Panoweaver can stitch full circular, drum and full frame photos into full 360 panos, which can be used for VR tour creating with VRTourMaker or Tourweaver.
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Normal & Wide-Angle Photo
Photo stitching software - Panoweaver can stitch multiple rows of photos into full 360 degree spherical panorama or partial cylindrical panorama.
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Raw & HDR Image
For professionals, Panoweaver can stitch RAW format images immediately, and also provides HDR images creating tool.
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Types of Panos that Panorama software can stitch
Different types of panos can satisfy your different needs.
360 degree Spherical
Horizontal and vertical
360 °view
Single fisheye/Dome
120°-280° single fisheye image
play and view
360 degree Cubic
6 faces of Cubic type is easy for ceiling, floor, tripod removing.
A circle panorama without
top and floor
VRPano published by panorama software
VRPano can be viewed on any devices.
VR publishing feature enable you to view 360 panorama in immersive mode on your phone and tablets and computer for better virtual experience.
Highlight features besides photo stitching
VR publishing
VR publishing feature provide the ability to publish your panos into VR, which can be viewed on your computers, smartphones and tablets.
Free VR platform
Free VR publishing platform - EP-Sky. Users can upload panos or VR tours to EP-Sky and view by URL, while the embed code is also provided.
Branding Free
Users can announce copyright in your VRPanos. Panorama software allows to customize ceiling/ floor logo, content in loading window and right-click menu.
Batch Processing Tool
Panorama software - Panoweaver provides batch tool for Batch stitch, Batch publish,Batch Spherical/Cubic conversion. 300 panos can be processed in one time.
HDR Creating Tool
Panoweaver Pro contains a HDR creating tool to combine your HDR photos together.
Tripod Removing
Move the tripod backward for about 3 ft and incline the horizontal axis 60° to shoot the artificial floor. Add some matching points and set the tripod as invisible area with Mask.
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Advantages of Panorama Software
Operation Friendly
Distinct stitching procedures and easy operation, powerful functions, easy to find and understand adapt to various devices, and let users get more fun
Compared with other products, Panoweaver is complete and independent in function module, such as Batch processing HDR images Remove tripod
Since 2002, we’ve understood many users’ demands, and collected multiple panorama-stitching special situations. With continuous efforts, we’ve found mature solutions, while, others have not considered these demands.