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Panorama Software - Panoweaver Add hotspots in Panorama Software

Add hotspots into panorama with panorama software-Panoweaver.

Easypano provides users as many features as possible in Panoweaver.

Insert hotspots in panorama and add actions to them. Supported actions include linking to Pop Up Image and linking to URL.

with all these choices you can add as many hotspots as you want and add many popup windows as well as add links of web page you like to make your panorama tour colourful and cool.

Below is the brief introduction to how to add hotspots with panoweaver.

Activate your PW to import a panoramic image.
Find "Add hotspots " and click it to add hotspots.
After you have cliked Add hotspots you will see this window.
Just click "Add hotspot" to insert hotspot into wherever you want. you also can adjust its size or position.
To add images/icons into your hospot or add popup image even add URL to hotspot.
you can publish panorama in Merge Flash VR,HTML5 ,SWF, QUICK TIME VR including Flash VR .
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