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Panorama Software - Panoweaver Awards and Reviews

Panoweaver has been awarded and reviewed by many independent organizations. Here are just some of them.

Panoweaver is possibly one of the simplest and easiest panoramic image stitching programs you can use.

James Rigg, Panoguide 25 July 2001

"For spherical panoramas Panoweaver has a clear speed advantage ... so that you can easily make several dozens panoramas in one day and compose them on the computer nearly without any previous knowledge."
Christoph Stoltz???Frank Fuerstenwerth, Magazine for computer technique, 19th 2002


Stitching fisheye pictures in QuickTime cubic VRs made easier with Panorama Panoweaver Cubic VR
Bob Connolly,Jul/Aug 2002

Panoweaver stitches together two 180-degree fisheye lens images to form spherical and cubic projection iamges.
Simon Eccles, Digit magazine, October 2002

Panoweaver is the only way to go for those wishing to aurthor cubic VR with just two shots. It's not perfect, but ground-breaking software rarely is.
Graham Springett, Macworld, September 2001

If you're into creating Virtual Tours for your Website then take a look at the offerings from Panorama Technologies. Panorama Technologies has put together a suite of software to ease the pain of Virtual Tour creation. I took a look at Panoweaver 3.0, the latest version of this neat little tool, and was suitably impressed.Cyber-Aspect , Jun 2003

Attached is a document that I wrote as a reveiw of the amazing PanoWeaver v3.01. It also includes a couple of Tips & Tricks I used in Panoweaver to achieve even better results. Thanks.
Respectfully, Brian Jackson, I-See Interactive,, Sep 2003

Panoweaver has been awarded as "Featured Software" on New Zealand NetGuide CD , issue 78, Sep 2003, and Australia NetGuide CD, Aug 2003.

Creating immersiver 360-degree sititched images is a doddle with Panoweaver. There's no need to fiddle with perfect alignment - simply import your images and the software will intelligently piece things together, before enabling you to export the result.

See details on PC PLUS, issue 220, Sep 2004.

Use this powerful software to create in teractive 360 or 180 degree panoramic images from your fish-eye lens photos

See details on Digital Camera Magazine, issue 25, OCTOBER 2004.

Panoweaver 4.0 adds more functionality to Panoweaver 3.0, and makes it improves its compatibility with a wider range of equipment, including almost all digital SLR cameras.

Digit Magazine, June 2005.

Shanghai-based Easypano offers major competition to the iPix when it comes to panorama creation software. The program stitches fisheye lens photographs into seamless spherical panoramas. These are viewed in Web sites or presentations.

Simon Eccles, Digit Magazine, July 2005.

See details here.

Panoweaver has been around for a long time, in fact we reviewed it in 2003, but with the release of this latest version, 4.0, we thought it was worth revisiting the software to see what was new. Was it worth the visit? Absolutely. Julie Smyth

Cyber Aspect, July 2005 - das deutschsprachige Download-Archiv - das deutschsprachige Download-Archiv

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