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Panorama Software - Panoweaver Google/Bing Map in Panorama Software

Add Google map or Bing map into your panorama with Panoweaver.

Easypano provides users as many features as possible in panorama software-Panoweaver.

Google map is available to users who had already had valid API key. Bing map is for all users.

As you may know Google map is now only available to users who used to have API KEY. As an replacement,Easypano new users can have access to Bing map now;

1.For those who already have a Google API Key, you can continue to use it in Panoweaver / Tourweaver.

2. If you don’t have a Google Key you can apply for a Bing map key and use it in Panoweaver / Tourweaver.

Below is the brief introduction to how to insert Google map or Bing map into Button in your Panorama tour.

please import the panorama into panorama software-Panoweaver.
Find "Publish Icon" to click it, you can see this tab. please go to "Flash" tab to make selection for "Control Button---- settings"
Click Google map/Bing map Icon to place the buttton.
Enter your Google API key or Bing map API key in the Red Area; click Icon "Google /Bing map settings" to make settings in the smaller tab on the left.
You can also customize the icon of the Button.
Click Publish to publish the panorama after you have made all the settings,
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