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Panorama stitching software

The professional Panorama stitching software Panoweaver can creat 360 degree panoramas from digital photos. The source images, such as wide angle images, fisheye lens images, etc, can be stitched into spherical panorama, cylindrical panoram and cubic panorama. Besides, the ponarama can also be published into Flash virtual tour or HTML5 virtual tour with this panorama software. Thus, it can be viewed on PC, iPhone and iPad.

Main features of panorama stitching software:

  • Support automatic stitching and manual stitching
  • Stitch spherical panoramas from fisheye photos
  • Stitch cylindrical panoramas from single-row/multiple-rows of photos
  • Support stitching HDR panoramas from camera RAW source images
  • Stitch and blend HDR source images into an LDR panorama
  • Recognize the lens type automatically
  • Support two blenders: PWBlend and Smartblend
  • Stitch 16 bit panoramic image
  • Right click stitching
  • Save unfinished project
  • Add hotspot, progress bar and customized toolbar to panorama
  • Output panoramas to Flash panorama tours (both html based Flash and standalone swf), QuickTime movies and Java Applet tours
  • Mask is supported in the panorama stitching software.
  • Little planet view can be achieved with the panorama software.
  • Tripod can be romoved directly in the panorama stitching software.
  • Gyro effect is supported in HTML5 virtual tour.
  • More features.

How to stitch spherical panoramas?

To create 360*180 degree spherical panoramas, it is recommended to shoot fisheye photos and then stitch with Panorama stitching software Panoweaver.

What is fisheye photo?

Fisheye photo is usually taken with fisheye lens, and there are three types of fisheye photos that can be stitched into 360*180 spherical panorama with photo stitching software Panoweaver.

  • Full circular fisheye photo
    It has a 180° angle of view in all directions, Only 2 or 3 circular fisheye photos would be enough when stitched in photo stitch software
  • Drum fisheye photo If you attach DSLR with Focal length multiplier>1 to Sigma 8mm f4 EX fisheye lens, the two margins in the final fisheye images will be cut. We call it drum fisheye image derived from its shape. 6 images in total, including the zenith and the nadir, would be enough when stitching panorama in our panorama stitching software.

panorama photography

Full circular fisheye photo

panorama photography
Drum fisheye image

panorama photography
panorama photography
Full frame fisheye photo

  • Full frame fisheye photo It has a 180° angle of view only on the diagonal line. To create a panorama with full frame fisheye photos, 8 images, including the zenith and the nadir, need to be processed in panorama stitching software.
    Stitch full frame fisheye photos to panorama:
    The stitched panoramic photo is a 360 degree spherical one.

How to stitch cylindrical panorama?

A cylindrical panoramic photo has 360 degree in the horizontal line, but less than 180 degree in the vertical line.

The following cylindrical panorama is stitched from the 12 digital photos:

How to stitch HDR panoramas?

Panoweaver supports HDR panorama stitching. There are two ways to get HDR panorama:

Bracket exposure

1. Using bracket exposure to shoot fisheye images.
2. Import the image groups into Panoweaver to get panoramas once for all.
3. Adjust on the created HDR to get a good-result LDR (normal panoramic image)

Using camera raw file

1. Shoot in RAW mode.
2. Import Camera RAW in Panorama stitching software Panoweaver to stitch panorama.
3. Simply stitch the RAW file in Panoweaver to get a nice panorama with appropriate exposure value.

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