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Main Features of Panorama Publisher - EPublisher

Advantages of EPublisher:
  • Easy publishing panorama into Flash / HTML5 / swf / QTVR panoramic virtual tours
  • 300 spherical or cylindrical panoramas Batch publishing
  • Multifunctional components supporting, such as Progress Bar, Control Buttons, Ceiling & Floor logos, Google Maps, and Backgroud Music in the virtual tours
  • Batch spherical and cubic panoramas interconversion
What Can EPublisher Do?
Various Format Panorama Publishing
EPublisher can publish panoramas into Flash VR, QuickTime movie (*.mov), standalone swf (*.swf) virtual tours, as well as HTML5 tours for iPhone and iPad.
HTML 5 Format Support
You can view your published HTML5 panoramic virtual tour in Safari 5.0 (on your iPhone, iPad etc.), IE 10 browsers,and Android 4.X devices.
Google map is supported in panorama viewer- EPublisher, it's available to users who have already had valid API key. Bing map is for all users.
Background Music
EPublisher support Background Sound to panorama. The supported sound format is *.mp3, so you can enjoy a music while viewing panorama.
Mini Stereographic Picture for Bottom/Ceiling
You can add your customized logo onto ceiling and floor or its little planet images
Tool Bar Setting
Buttons like Print, Email to, show Help and Play Sound can be added to scene viewer.
Swf Progress Bar
Loading progress bar for viewing panorama can be customized. Swf progress bar is supported.
When saving a cubic panorama, you can also convert it to 6 cube face images for your further image editing.
Gyroscope effect is supported in EPublisher panorama viewer, which makes the virtual tour rotate automatically when moving your hands or turn around. (Support HTML5 tours on iOS devices only)
EPublisher-the panorama publisher and viewer can also switch 300 pairs of panoramas between spherical panoramas and cube face images.
Customizable Pan, Tilt ,FOV Value and Rotation Direction
You can customize Pan, Tilt and FOV value for virtual tours as you want, as well as the rotating speed, auto rotating direction, panorama viewer size and scene quality.
Size Settings for iPad
There are many user-based design for viewing HTML5 tour in EPublisher. You can publishing panorama as iPad size directly. Initial auto play for HTML 5 is also supported. .
Little Planet Switched by Right Click Menu
EPublisher Flash tour will have two types of view: Normal view and Little Planet view. The duration of transition effect from initial Little Planet view to normal view can also be customized.
Support Adobe Flash Player 11
EPublisher support Adobe Flash Player 11 play engine, which makes your tour more immersive and smooth.
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